SmartMTA Capsule

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Exclusive introductory price available until May 31, 2023

Small (10): $180    $120

Large (20): $360    $220

Bioceramic MTA Capsule for vital pulp therapy

  • Convenience in a capsule. Achieve consistent results no matter who mixes it!
  • Easy-to-use delivery system
  • Individually packaged to reduce cross-contamination of material.
  • Non-staining formula. Contains no bismuth oxide.
  • Costs under $5 per tooth. Treat up to four teeth per use.

"Sprig’s SmartMTA capsules are great! The smooth application and fast set time work well with even the wiggliest of patients. The single-use capsule is easy to handle, decreases the chance of cross contamination, and auto-mixes, making it user friendly for the entire team."- Katelyn Brauer, DDS, MSDBoard Certified Pediatric Dentist, Owner