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What shades of EZCrowns are available?

EZCrowns come in one esthetic, polychromatic shade. Unlike other Zirconia brands, there is no need for multiple inventories. Hand characterized by artisans, EZCrowns have a realistic color that allows them to visually blend in with surrounding natural teeth.

Does Sprig have crowns for lower Cuspids?

Please note that the upper SL™ cuspid crowns can be used for the lower contralateral cuspids M and R.

Do I need a try-in crown?

Because of the Zir-Lock® grooves on the interior of every EZCrown, there is no need for a chemical bond to occur between the crown and the cement. The mechanical retention of our Zir-Lock® grooves eliminated the need for a try-in. Once you check that the EZCrown that you are going to seat fits, you can rinse out the crown with water and dry with air before seating.

May I return the crowns if I am not happy with them?
All products sold by Sprig are eligible for refund within 90 days of purchase.

  1. From 30-60 days, products are eligible for a full refund minus a $10 shipping fee.
  2. From 60-90 days, products are eligible for a full refund minus a 30% restocking fee.
  3. Product must be returned in unused original condition.
  4. All returns must be sent in a padded shipping package provided by the customer.
How quickly will I receive my product?

Sprig is committed to processing and fulfilling all orders as quickly as possible- no later than two business days. Ship times may vary, based on carrier. Express and International orders will be processed the same day as long as they are placed prior to 1:30 PM Sprig time (Pacific Standard Time). If you need an order expedited, please contact Customer Care at 888-539-7336 or 916-677-1447.

What sizes does SmartMTA come in?

We have a small size which comes with 10 individually packaged vials of 0.2g each and a large size which comes with 50 individually packaged vials of 0.2g each.

How many HemeRx pellets are used at a time for optimal hemostasis?

It depends on the procedure and how much bleeding is present: Zirconia crown placement: 2-4 per tooth